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What is La Expedición de Anza, 1775?

La Expedición de Anza, 1775 is an outdoor cultural history park located in Tucson, Arizona. Learn more about our intentions, our process, and the design elements that make this project so unique.

La Expedición de Anza, 1775 Cultural History Park is finally open!

Help us build the Outdoor Classroom!

This artist’s rendering depicts uses of the future shaded outdoor classroom by students
and staff from Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, and other schools and park visitors. The newly
installed posts and cable assist all users in way finding, no matter the abilities.

Project Update: June 2021

Over the past year we have raised $53,000 to build the outdoor classroom – unfortunately with the sharp increase in the cost of building materials caused by the pandemic, the LEA classroom now requires an additional $50,000 to begin construction. We are counting on generous donors like you to reach this goal. With your help we can make it a reality later this year.

The classroom is an essential element of the LEA Park. It will be an important gathering place for learning groups visiting the site, especially students from our next-door neighbor, the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind. With your help we can get it done before this year is out, early in the school year.

We are so thankful for your support through out this process and look forward to the continued improvement of the La Expedición de Anza, 1775 accessible cultural history park. For more information about the classroom and associated park please explore the rest of this website!

Thanks to our generous donors, construction of the Outdoor Classroom should begin by the end of 2021!

Thanks to our generous donors, construction of the Outdoor Classroom should begin soon! We greatly appreciate all the support provided by our community to make this vision a reality. While we are very excited for construction of the Outdoor Classroom to begin, it is important to note that La Expedicion de Anza, 1775 Accessible CulturalContinue reading “Thanks to our generous donors, construction of the Outdoor Classroom should begin by the end of 2021!”

La Expedición de Anza has been made possible thanks to a diverse and engaged group of organizations, institutions and individuals. Learn more about us, our partners and what we stand for.

In 1775, Juan Bautista de Anza led some 240 men, women, and children through Tucson on their way to establish the first non-Native settlement at San Francisco Bay. Today, the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail connects the history and culture of a shared international identity.

Visit La Expedición de Anza, 1775 Park!

LEA is now officially open to the public! Come by to see the work done by our community partners and experience the LEA for yourself!

Driving and Walking Directions to La Expedición de Anza, 1775

  1. From the Freeway, I-10, either north or southbound, exit at West Speedway Blvd.
  2. Turn west (right for southbound, left for northbound) onto W. Speedway Blvd.
  3. Take the first left, in about 150 yds, on N. Riverside drive.
  4. For the next 2 blocks there is street parking on Riverside Drive. At the second intersecting street, Ontario Street, there is an entrance on the left to a small public parking lot, inside Santa Cruz River Park.
  5. On the east side of the park, paralleling the Santa Cruz River, there is a paved walking and bicycle path. Walk north on that path back toward Speedway Blvd., and a path underpass will take you beneath Speedway Blvd.
  6. When you come back up to ground level on the north side of Speedway, the Anza Park is on your left.
  7. The main pedestrian entrance is from the sidewalk on Speedway Blvd. Total one way walking distance is about 150 yds. There are no steps or stairs along the pathway, and the park is entirely wheelchair accessible.
  8. There is a public bus stop at the intersection of W. Speedway Blvd. and Grande Avenue, 2 blocks west of the park.

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